Essay on Monsanto : The World 's Leader On Bio Technology

Essay on Monsanto : The World 's Leader On Bio Technology

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b. Summary Response:
Monsanto is the world 's leader on bio-technology and was found in St. Louis Missouri. Monsanto was not known as an agriculture company at first as it is now rather a chemical company of the 20th century. They are also responsible for growing 90 percent of the world 's GMO’s. On Monsanto’s website it states their goal is to help farmers around the world to produce healthier foods, conserving more, and better animal feeds while reducing impact on our environment. Monsanto 's GMO has been effecting our environment for years but have not yet brought to justice according to this video. The question is why? According to this documentary Monsanto created many hazardous chemicals for example PCBs, Agent Orange and recombinant bovine growth hormone. A neighborhood in Anniston Alabama was poisoned by Monsanto 's PCB factory for a very long time causing birth defect, cancer and many other diseases. Eventually government was informed about this hideous crime but I as we all know how lobbying goes, government went to side with this multi-billion dollar company rather than the poisoned community. There are many problem created by Monsanto in the United States of America but they didn 't just stop there. They had a huge impact overseas and beyond as well as countries like India and China. Both of these countries suffered greatly on their agricultural field by using genetically modified crops. Small producers who can make a living but also without a source for non-Monsanto seeds compare to large producers caused a problem. Farmers from these countries labeled GMO as a suicide mission for them. Now the question is what can we do as consumers to address concerns about possible effects on health and environmental risk of genet...

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...y brings about and how possession of seeds and supply profits the economic. Ownership is debated in economic rights and hazards in the terms of good or bad science. Farmer planting GMO’s can be held accountable costs to organic crop in European Union. Organic farmers could lose their certification because of the spread of contaminating seeds. Through the journey of Genetic Modified seed, from the scientist who creates it, to the farmer who plants it and gains the harvest, to the company who markets the harvest, or even the shop that sells its products variety actors are elaborate. And all these actors may be considered of as owners with economic rights. This is not a new idea in itself. And what about the moral reasonability of basis ownership in the case of genetic modified seeds. If owners have a duty and no intension to do any harm they should monitor and react.

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