Essay on Monsanto: The Truth Behind the Lies

Essay on Monsanto: The Truth Behind the Lies

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According to Monstano’s website they are an agriculture company that helps supports farmers. They claim to do this by producing seeds that help farmers increase yield while saving the environment. This is a great business model as they produce seeds that are resistant to herbicides, which eliminate weeds from farms. This is such a great business model as they also produce the product that eliminates the weeds. In order to eliminate seeds from a farm, a farmer must buy Monsanto’s seeds, as well as their herbicides. However these seeds do not occur naturally in nature, like many bacteria who have evolved to acquire antibiotic resistance, these seeds are genetically modified by humans. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques such as recombinant DNA technology. Recently GMO’s have come to the forefront after many years, as people are starting to learn more from independent studies. However Monsanto has tried to cover up these studies in order to stop laws about GMO labeling to save the company. Monsanto has been linked to many different acts of corruption over the past decade, including using bribery to pay a politician from another country to try to stop legislation over GMO labeling. After clearly taking part in acts of corruption over a long period of time, Monsanto needs to be punished for their actions that are hurting the American public and environment.
Any organism that is genetically modified can be defined as a transgenic organism. The two main benefits of transgenic plants are that they can help increase yields without having to select against bad plants, and they can be resistant to toxins. In order to create a transgenic plant DNA ...

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