Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri Essay

Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri Essay

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Monsanto which is located in 6 continents and 68 countries is the biggest seed company of the 21st century. Monsanto was founded in 1901, St. Louis, Missouri, United States by John Francis Queeny. Likewise, Monsanto Headquarters are currently located in St. Louis, Missouri where founded. Monsanto had about 20,600 workers in 2011. Hugh Grant, the current CEO of Monsanto, has been in this position since 2010. He has a salary of about f $1,391,356 per year excluding his additional profits.

The three main brands of the company in India are Bt Cotton, Dekalb and Roundup. According to the Monsanto Webpages,“Dekalb is a high-yielding hybrid maize seeds, and Roundup is a glyphosate-based product that is a solution to weeds in the farms.” Bt Cotton is a Pest resistant and high yielding genetically modified cotton seeds which have been in use in India since 2002. This is the only GM crop allowed in India by the government because it is not a food crop and it accounts for 93% of the cotton grown in India. Also with the introduction of Bt Cotton in the last 12 years, India has recently become the largest exporter of cotton in the world. Bt Brinjal was allowed in India ,but had to be withdrawn due to the pressure from various social and political groups and since then no GM food has been allowed to be grown in India. Neighbouring country Bangladesh has allowed Bt Brinjal to be grown. To conclude, Monsanto is an active agricultural company doing research and producing high yielding and pest resistant seeds, also producing Roundup in order to help farmers improve production of farms.

In the US there are 37 brands such as West Bred, Seminis, Warrant, Degree, Kira, Lariat, De Router, Corn States etc. Also, out of 50 states in the USA, there a...

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