Monsanto and Bio Piracy in India Essay

Monsanto and Bio Piracy in India Essay

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The role of Transnational Corporations (TNC) in development is very controversial. Some researchers and experts argue that TNCs are aiding development in developing countries. Other researchers and experts argue that TNCs hinder the development in developing countries.
To explore the effect of TNCs on development in developing countries it is necessary to look at the effects of a particular TNC on development in developing countries. This involves determining how heavily these TNCs are involved in developing countries. It is then necessary to see how the involvement of the TNC is impacting countries they are heavily invested in.
In this essay the TNC will be Monsanto. It will be argued that Monsanto is hindering development in India through bio piracy. Through bio piracy they are able to control the agricultural industry in India and impoverish farmers.
To begin this analysis it is necessary to take a look at Monsanto. In Business and Ethics O. C. Ferrell et al explains that Monsanto was founded in 1901 in St. Louis. It started out as a chemical company that was making the artificial sweetener saccharine, caffeine extract, vanillin and artificial vanilla flavouring for Coca-Cola (Ferrell et al 308).
Monsanto grew and as it grew it expanded into new areas and caused a lot of controversy. According to Ferrell et al in the
“1970s Monsanto created Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used extensively in Vietnam as a defoliant. It was then found that it was carcinogenic….” This led to a law suit in which Monsanto ended up paying $180 million to the veterans who developed cancer after being exposed to (Ferrell et al 309).
Monsanto changed its tactics in the 1980s. Ferrell et al explain that Monsanto decided to focus on biotech...

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