Essay on The Monroe Doctrine And American Foreign Policy

Essay on The Monroe Doctrine And American Foreign Policy

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The Monroe Doctrine was an influential message that impacted American policy for many years. It was written by the Secretary of State, at the time, John Quincy Adams; it was then delivered by President James Monroe in 1823 (Foner, Voices of Freedom, p.188). This message, while written by Adams was the sentiments of the Monroe presidency (Foner, Voices of Freedom, p.188). This message was given during an annual speech, which explored the sentiments of diplomacy throughout the western hemisphere. This speech was given in America which laid out early American foreign policy, which would have a lasting impact (Foner, Voices of Freedom, p.188). The speech was given in America to United States citizens, however, Monroe was also addressing European powers as he discussed Americas role in the western hemisphere, as well as, the notion that Europe needs to stay out of the western hemisphere (Foner, Voices of Freedom, p.188). The Monroe Doctrine, influenced American foreign policy for many years, and future presidents and documents, such as the Roosevelt Corollary, would be impacted by its effect (Foner, Give Me Liberty, p. 730).
The Monroe Doctrine is a nonfiction persuasive letter and speech. It was written by John Quincy Adams, and later delivered by Monroe (Foner, Voices of Freedom, p.188). It highlighted America’s policy with European powers, as well as their interest in other nations within the hemisphere. This document was used with the intent to send a message to the rest of the world, and assert Unites States dominance, as they begin the build up their nation as a still very young country. Just a year before this speech was given, Spain’s colonies in Latin America had declared their independence. Therefore, it was important at t...

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...western hemisphere and emphasizing its sphere of influence, as well as, setting the standard for American isolationism, that would become popular in American foreign policy, as the nation develops (Foner, Give Me Liberty, p. 665). This document effectively appealed to American exceptionalism from early on as it was the first step in asserting American power in the world (Foner, Give Me Liberty, p. 730). America was a still relatively new nation, and with this document and the leadership that followed, America was emerging as a new world leader (Foner, Give Me Liberty, p. 664). As history progressed, many decisions would look at the Monroe Doctrine as an early precedent and would set the stage for further American involvement in other parts of the America’s and then the rest of the world, leading up to the United States, becoming the global power that they are today.

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