Monkey and the Fortune Teller Essay

Monkey and the Fortune Teller Essay

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Deep in the Amazon Rainforest there was a land called Monos. Translated into English it means “Land of the Monkeys.” This territory was like any other; it consisted of the rich, poor, rulers, criminals, and ordinary citizens. This area was rich in resources. The water was pure, the dirt was clean and most importantly, and the vegetation was vast. Some of the monkeys took advantage of these large quantities of resources. One man who took benefited from these resources was Bob. Bob was the owner of Monos Tree Cutting Business. This business had become highly successful over the years and with his low prices the competition was minute. He was a very rich monkey and always did what the famous fortune teller, Rosalina, told him to do. Bob asked for financial advice and how he should go about running his business. Bob always said,
“To make money you must be a producer
Then you must persuade the consumer
And leave them no alternative
Just make sure they don’t become destructive”
These words guided Bob to his riches, until one day he asked Rosalina a question that he had wished he had never spoken. “Rosalina, although you help me with my financial decisions, I am curious to know how my business’ prosperity appears in the years to come.”
“Well, Bob, although I usually do not answer these questions, I will for a well-paying customer like you. However do not be upset with me if your future is not what you may want it to be.” After performing her usual rituals, Rosalina saw the future of Bob and his business. “Oh my, um, I am sorry Bob, but I am seeing failure, and a poor man it is you. You are destined to become poor.”
Bob became infuriated. “What do you mean I will be a poor man? I am one of the richest monkeys in all of Monos!”
“’I ...

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...aid Bob less than all of the other workers, until he made a sincere apology to the monkeys he had fired.
Years passed and Bob had become old and poor. He finally made an official apology to his workers, but it didn’t really matter anymore. Jeff’s business had become successful and prosperous just like Bob’s had long ago. The workers were happier under Jeff’s management and he made sure that they all were paid a fair amount. Due to Bob’s obscure firings the Monos government created worker protection law. This secured workers so an event like that would never happen again. All of the workers learned the story of Bob and the fortune teller; and, long after Bob and Jeff died, it became a popular Monos legend. Since then the monkeys of Monos say,
“He who seeks his future
May not like what they hear
They will try to change their future
To change what they had feared”

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