Monitoring Student Course Performance, Enhancing The Timeliness And Effectiveness Of Outreach And Support Efforts

Monitoring Student Course Performance, Enhancing The Timeliness And Effectiveness Of Outreach And Support Efforts

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• Tracking: Implemented web-based tracking to monitor student course performance, enhancing the timeliness and effectiveness of outreach and support efforts (i.e. outreach to students with increasing degrees of absenteeism, radical shifts in academic performance, poor midterm performance and minor breaches of conduct code).
• Engagement: Implemented processes and behavioral practices designed to enhance student 's sense of ownership and engagement in their education, as well as their level of focus, capacity to learn and knowledge and skill acquisition.
• Experience: Improved the quality of the student experience by creating a safe, well-maintained supportive environment that provides a range of services and activities to meet the intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of students, Partnered with other departments to deepen students connections throughout the campus and create a seamless web of support and service; vital Campus spirit with a year around calendar of weekly, monthly and quarterly campus-wide events and community opportunities.
• Communication: Enhanced the quality and relevance of faculty-to-student by strengthening the grading and feedback process, expanded the visibility and perceived engagement of education administration and leadership to improve administration-to-student communication (increasing informal and formal, individual and group interaction opportunities by approximately 95%).
• Success: Indications of success included 30% increase in student attendance in under-served populations, 40% improvement in student outcomes for under-served and ESL students, 75% increase in student volunteerism and participation in campus events.
Faculty & Staff:
• Resolution: Resolved a host of highly c...

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..., with shared problem-solving and collaboration at its core, the development of a consensus set of strategies and initiatives emerged and was solidified within six wants of my starting date, as faculty and staff regained a sense of voice and ownership, as large numbers of faculty and staff previously sitting on the sidelines stepped forward to contribute their own passion, vision and expertise honed from years of teaching experience (leading to a 70% increase in the number of number of faculty/staff participating in campus events and volunteering for student clubs and campus activities, a 78% improvement in employee satisfaction).
• Team: Rebuilt partnerships between Education and other departments (along with an understanding and appreciation of the importance of their function), collaboratively working to build a culture of academic and service excellence through a

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