Monitoring Observations During Surgery ( Bbc News ) Essay

Monitoring Observations During Surgery ( Bbc News ) Essay

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Although the anaesthetist should be the main professional to monitor observations during surgery, the nurse should have acted as the patients’ advocate to ensure routine observations were carried out. Section 3.4 of the NMC code, (2015), states that ‘nurses must be an advocate for vulnerable patients’; which would have required the nurse to have courage to speak out amongst their peers. The nurses within theatre should have noted that the temperature of the patient had not been measured and should have challenged the anaesthetist about this. Surgery comes with risks which need to be managed. Routine monitoring of observations will help to indicate and control risks. An example of inadequate observation management led to the death of a six year-old boy which has been in the media recently (BBC news, 2015). Accountability states someone or an organisation will be accountable for poor patient safety therefore it is important to know who is accountable and what they are accountable for (Kennedy, 2001). The anaesthetist should have delegated appropriately and the nurse should have implemented the plan. Additionally there may have furthermore been poor documentation, which may be why full observations were not recorded as per hospital policy. Furthermore in the 6C’s , ‘competence’ and ‘communication’ did not exist in the case example. In the case example; the nurse is not accountable by law or through local policy, however is accountable morally due to not advocating for the patient and not adhering to the NMC code (2015). The next section will focus on risk assessment and management. 248 words
Clinical governance has had a positive effect on the patients’ care in the case example as it has allowed accountability of the nurse’s actio...

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...n mid-Staffordshire; the whole of the NHS is now reviewing its quality of care. University hospitals Leicester’ aim was to improve its rating of quality. To do this, action plans were put into place. Part of the 5 critical safety actions (p12) is to pay more attention to the early warning score (EWS) triggers and to improve care. A new theatre recovery environment has been made which will allow patients to be cared for post-operatively, this will help to improve recovery times and reduce hospital stay length (UHL trust, 2013). The health and social care act (2012) part 1 section 2 states aims to improve the quality of care by diagnosis, treatment of illness and if possible to prevent illness and maintain safety of health services (DoH, 2012). 134 words

Put in risk management; financial, patient/ staff, risk of litigation and risk to quality of services provided.

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