Monitoring And Monitor The Progress Of Company ' S Project Implementation

Monitoring And Monitor The Progress Of Company ' S Project Implementation

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Monitoring is kind of evaluation performed during the project implementation. The main purpose of monitoring is to improve project design and its function(Crawford & Bryce 2003). In order to test and monitor the progress of company’s ongoing project, there should be some objectives and assessment indicators. The indicators of monitoring are detailed characteristics which can use to assess the quality and performance of any project or company. These indicators should be set with key stakeholders of company. The importance of setting these indicators is due to following reasons:
• Useful for measuring the expected outcomes
• These indicators are helpful in making any change in objectives.
• Helpful in measuring the impact of interventions.
• Useful to monitor the performance of project.
The DataSpread will use following indicators for monitoring the performance of project.
Input Indicators
Input indicators for monitoring are basically related to financial resources, equipment required for product launch or service, administrative and human resources(Fishman 2012). In DataSpread case we will consider the cost of our new technology (cloud back-up Service). How much finance the DataSpread need to develop this technology because in any project the cost of product or service is vey important, that will use the to measure the overall progress of that product or service. Secondly, we will also include the characteristics of targeting population that is what type of clients are eligible to use this technology. As we mentioned before that DataSpread will target the mature population like businessman, researchers. Its also very that before launching any product or service the company should...

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...ring evaluation we will assesses the ability of our executed service effects to last in the middle or long term after the financial assistance of an intervention has stopped.

Data collection for monitoring and evaluation is very important for any feedback and intervention or amendments. Data about input and process indicators will get from project management records. While the data about output, outcomes and impact will be collected through survey and studies by using appropriate methods. These survey in term of questionnaires will conduct to know the responds of DataSpread cloud-backup services from customers and what are further of needs of customers. The data will interpret and summarize in intermediate stages. After monitoring and evaluation the results will use to make any kind of amendments by decision makers(CEO).

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