Monitoring And Evaluating The Change Process Essay

Monitoring And Evaluating The Change Process Essay

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Monitoring and Evaluating the Change Process
Constant supervision of the process during its implementation phase is a crucial element of the plan’s success. Because of the problems in Kudlers sales division, it is important for company management to continuously supervise each element of the plan to ensure that it is being properly implemented as well as getting the intended feedback and results. It is during this step that company management utilizes measurements and observation devices, staying on top of training and sales statistics as well as paying attention to how the sales staff is responding to the plan. If things are not going well, it may be necessary at this point to alter the plan to mitigate any areas that are not unfolding the way that they had hoped. The only thing more important than a carefully structured plan is for those implementing the plan to stay flexible regarding the effective handling of any unforeseen problems. Three important measurement and observation devices that may be used during this step of the plan include:
• Arranging pulse conference status meetings during which management obtains information regarding how smoothly and effectively the modifications plan is being implemented. Frequent, face-to-face, brief conference status meetings are important so that the entire management team is informed about both the plan’s success and any challenges that might have arisen (Project Management Guru, 2015).
• Obtaining the current status of and outlining a forecast that keeps the modification project on schedule. Comparing the plan’s progress to the deadline set by the plan assists the management in assessing whether or not changes need to be made to keep the plan working most efficiently and e...

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... the company and moving to ensure cohesiveness, acknowledging and addressing employee resistance, and keeping their oganizational tradition alive within the workforce are all essential element which will ensure that Kudler’s Fine Food’s modification plan will be successful and prove to be a long-term benefit for the company, the employees, and the customers.

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