Monitoring And Consulting On Hedge Fund Investment Essay

Monitoring And Consulting On Hedge Fund Investment Essay

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Carrying out suitable due diligence is vital for any potential hedge fund investment. It therefore becomes very important that as an investor, you explore the diverse tools that are available to assist you during the screening process.
BarclayHedge is an independent and leading research provider of information geared to the alternative investment sector. Their speciality is studying, monitoring and consulting on hedge funds. Established in 1985, they have grown to become one of the most highly respected and awarded hedge fund management and research groups.
The BarclayHedge database which is continuously updated provides users with broad ranging details regarding each specific type of fund as well as current data regarding its performance. These data bases have been widely acclaimed for their significant contributions into the field of hedge funds
The types of funds offered in the database
This is one of the leading sources for proprietary research when it comes to alternative investments. The Alternative Investment Database of BarclayHedge analyses and tracks the performance of some 6880 hedge fund as well as global programs on managed futures investment.
The BarclayHedge 18 hedge fund indices plus 10 managed futures indices have received global recognition as sound benchmarks in alternative investment performance and are being used by financial media and investment professionals internationally.
The database maintained here serve as the foundation basis for performance rankings and research reports published on the various BarclayHedge directories and publications.
Amounts of funds in the database
BarclayHedge has developed and regularly updates 10 managed futures indices and 18 proprietar...

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...p is free.
BarclayHedge is a global innovative leader in hedge fund research, analysis, consultation, developing and programming. Many hedge fund administrators and managers depend on the high standards of BarclayHedge for information. Their unique BarclayHedge DataFinder tool supplies the latest data and news on each of the hedge funds, whilst long-standing relationships upheld with fund managers provides the most dependable and accurate information on hedfe funds available.
The BarclayHedge Managed Funds Report and managed futures indices are extensively utilized by media and financial consultants internationally as the industry’s performance standards for alternative investments. The BarclayHedge’s database has been employed in identifying is the best performing US, Canadian and Latin American hedge funds America for portfolio assessments and for numero

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