Essay The Mongols And Global History

Essay The Mongols And Global History

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Power was a big thing within the Mongolian society, they could gain the power they needed through alliances with powerful leaders. The Mongols seem to be a very unique group of people as they have different views on things, mainly having to do with their nomadic and war-like lifestyle. Throughout The Mongols and Global History, it is illustrated how power is a big aspect of the Mongol society, and gaining this power through the politics of alliances whether it be from a Mongol or from a foreigner.
Although the Mongolians were thought to have behaviors like that of an animal, as it was reinforced through their lifestyle, they had linked Europe and East Asia which created a boost in economy and cultural advances were made within the civilizations they ruled over (Rossabi 1). Before Chinggis Khan there was war among the different tribes at the beginning, he had united the Mongolians after seizing power. After becoming khan, he had conquered places, many of which were places of conflict within themselves making them easy targets. He had many skills to help him along with conquering and seizing his power. He was able to form alliances with powerful people, along with his organization he was able to gain his power and become khan over the Mongols (Rossabi 3). He had an understanding of people as he had made religion and ethnic group tolerance. By doing this he was able to rule over a vast variety of people. How the Mongols had thought of foreigners seems to be a lot different than many other places tend to, instead of enslaving them or putting them a lower class, they extend an arm for help, such as with Chinggis Khan where he had help from foreigners, and had relied greatly on this help to gain his power (Rossabi 4). And through this...

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...d different civilizations that were pre-existing before their conquest of the civilizations (Khazanov 474).
Power is a big part of the Mongol society, and gaining this power through the politics. The Mongols had felt threatened at the start, and would use force to make sure they had maintained their power over people, then they had eventually become more lenient, allowing there to be more freedom of religion. Through reading the article Muhammad and Jenghiz Khan Compared: The Religious Factor in World Empire Building, there is a better understanding of the Mongols, as they were not as open to religion at the beginning as they had conquered more civilizations. The Mongols were only able to make something temporary that was easily cast aside after they were done, as their unity of the different civilizations was filled with many people that were of different views.

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