Mongol And Their Struggle For Keeping Their Power Essay

Mongol And Their Struggle For Keeping Their Power Essay

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Mongol Queens and their struggle for keeping their power
The Mongol Empire was one of the most powerful and largest empire the world would see. Genghis Khan, the creator of the Mongol Empire had a clear view of how he wanted his empire to be. In history we can see that the creator of a new empire focus in establishing laws and a government that will protect its people as well as those who they conquered. Genghis Khan like many other ruler wanted a society in which the new generations would not suffer from the cruel traditions of their ancestors, as well to ensure that the Mongols would have a higher statues than the people they conquer, which many ruler did the same.
Genghis Khan created the Yassa Law to ensure the safety of women in his empire as a way to prevent violence against them. Genghis Khan gave women an important role in the new empire by securing their safety as well by giving them power to administrate their own lands. When Genghis Khan divided the land he conquered, he divided the land equally among his sons, daughters and wives. He made sure that women from his family played an important role in the administration of his land. Genghis Khan besides insuring the safe of his family, he also make sure that women would be treated equally and play an important role in society besides the role of a housewife and a mother. He created an empire in which women had power as men, Genghis Khan Vision a nation in which women would be respect and feel safe until they married, however, his vision of a peaceful and harmonious society would fall whit his death.
After Genghis Khan’s dead his son made a war against women, which for many scholar is the main causes for the fall of the great empire he created. Many argues that the sig...

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... Although women suffered during Ogodie reign, new set of women came into power one of them is Ogodie’s wife Toregene, the other important women is Sorkhokhtani Tului’s wife. This women would play an important role in the continuation of the empire as well they would be the main cause for the end of woman’s role in the empire, leaving future female generations out of their rights to administrated their lands.
The roles of Toregene and Sorkhokhtani and other women are important because they provide an inside view of how women battle for power, and how this continuation of violence among the Mongol elite would eventually contribute to the fall of the Mongol Empire. Toregene took control of the empire even when her husband was alive and sank deeper into his wine. She assumed the title of “yeke khatun “empress ”” and controlled the civilian administration of the empire.

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