Essay on Money's Influence in Presidential Elections

Essay on Money's Influence in Presidential Elections

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The Influence of Money on American Elections
There have been laws put into place to reform the campaign finance system in the United States. It is apparent that money greatly influences American elections and it has massive effects upon the outcome of recent elections. The laws encourage citizens to participate in elections. Although it may be unknown to many, money greatly influenced the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.
As a result of the court case Arizona Free Enterprise v. Bennett, it was decided that citizens should be encouraged to help in financing campaigns. When there is increased participation from citizens, self-governance is greatly facilitated. The goal of public financing is to push citizens to help the political candidate of their choice financially. Many reformers have suggested that there is too much money in politics. Statistically, this is proven to be wrong. In the 2008 election, there were 64% of Americans that were eligible to vote. There were only about 10% that give money to the campaigns, and not even 0.5% who are responsible for the bulk amount of money collected by the politicians (Overton, 2012).
Political Action Committees (PACS) are interest groups that help raise money. They do this on a voluntary basis so they can help the candidate in which they favor. PACS tend to contribute more to incumbents. There are three different types of money that is contributed to elections. There is interested money. This money comes from individuals or groups and is used to influence the result of an election. There is also soft money. It is an unlimited amount of money that is raised by political parties. Lastly, there is hard money. It is limited and fully disclosed (Trautman, 2013).
In 2002, the Bipart...

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...ndidates are able to start campaigning sooner and advertise themselves, they are able to win over more votes. IF they continue campaigning, they can continue to collect and raise more money to keep campaigning. Since Obama was able to collect the largest amount of contributions, he was able to publicize a lot more than any other candidate and therefore, win the election. He was able to campaign up until the day of the election because of the amount of money he collected.

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