Money: The Root of All Evil and All Modern Problems Essay

Money: The Root of All Evil and All Modern Problems Essay

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In high school, my English teacher asked the class an interesting question: “What is the biggest problem in the world today?” The question seemed easy until lots of ideas came to my mind, such as world hunger, global warming, corrupt politics, war threats, unemployment rates, and even natural disasters. The actual answer was simply one word: “money.” Many problems account for the answer “money,” such as the unequal distribution of wealth, the government’s inadequate regulation on spending, or the excessive printing of paper money, but the most profound one that I encounter after moving to Davis concerns inflation. Whether you are a full-time student with a fixed amount of money or a part-time worker with a small source of income, the unreasonably high prices of items here at Davis will wipe out your savings in no time. At off-campus shops around Davis, major problems with providing efficient customer satisfaction exist because the desire for profit regulates the shops. Lowering the prices of items and being more concerned about customer satisfaction in the shops around Davis are urgent necessities because many students are not only in financial distress, but they also seek pleasant and rewarding shopping experiences.
Truthfully speaking, the primary factor leading to customer dissatisfaction is the loss of their money. Davis sells high quality products, but charges us excessively, sometimes even to the point where the shops seem scandalous, compared to those in other cities, such as San Francisco. Davis sells meticulously prepared food and well-manufactured utilities, but for the most part, no matter how delicious or how durable the items are, the products are still not worth the money we pay for them. A decent meal or shopping t...

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... sold in larger quantities, and the company will maintain a sufficient flow of sales. Consequently, the companies will be a positive light and will gain the popularity from the public. They will be known for supplying the needs

The ramifications for the future, is quite startling.
In conclusion, the overly expensive food and items here at Davis constraints the students’ freedom in their diet and living styles, which affects their mentality. Many students are under a large amount of loans or they are from low-income families with limited financial flexibilities. Instead of allowing the students to express themselves, the high prices characterize them by forcing them to buy the cheaper but unsatisfactory items. The high prices not only smear on their initially planned expenditures but also shatter their desired lifestyles and ruin their college experiences.

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