Essay on Money is the Key to Solving Problems

Essay on Money is the Key to Solving Problems

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In today’s object oriented world, the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” is being repeatedly proven wrong. New research shows that just counting money can reduce physical pain and alleviate the bad feelings which accompany social rejection (Mandel, 2009). Money is the key to solving problems worldwide and in our day to day lives. Clearly, money does buy happiness as it allows you to have good health, strengthens bonds with families and friends and creates a better world.
Being healthy has become a part of many people lifestyle and individuals have to put in a conscious effort to do so. Even though fruits and vegetables are readily available in any supermarket, they contain many chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful to the body (, 2013). Organic foods, on the other hand, contain very few chemicals but are almost double the price! Furthermore, individuals who want to work out have to pay high prices to be able to access the facilities and many people are unable to afford the cost (JACKSON, 2012). If people, had the money to buy healthier, cleaner food and gym memberships, we all would be able to lead long, illness free lives. As the old saying goes, health is wealth and having a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on yourself and others thus bringing happiness. Moreover, many people around the world are unable to access clean drinking water as they cannot afford it. According to UNICEF, 783 million people around the world are unable to get clean drinking water and this would not be happening if they had enough money to buy a basic necessity of life. Furthermore, mental health is also affected by the lack of a stable income and is commonly associated with the loss of money. Depression among adults ...

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...r themselves and their families. Furthermore, some people may argue that money cannot strengthen family ties. This is another false statement and as stated previously, having money can increase your chances of spending time with your family members at events or destinations that you all enjoy (Albes, 2013). Hence, it is very clear that money does buy happiness and helps you have a life full of joy.
There are countless reasons why money buys happiness such as lets you lead a long illness free life, helps to strengthen bonds with your family and friends and helps create the world a better place to live. People might say that money brings people apart and causes stress and anxiety, but this is untrue and the positives of money outweigh the negatives. As a result, money is the answer to countless of the worlds and each individuals problems and it does buy happiness.

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