Money And Medicine, By Roger Weisberg Essay

Money And Medicine, By Roger Weisberg Essay

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Money and Medicine
"Money and Medicine," a film that is presented by Roger Weisberg takes a close look at the ethical, medical as well as financial challenges that reign in the health cost. In addition to illuminating overtreatment and waste that pervades the health care system, this documentary explores some promising ways of reducing health care expenditures as well as improving medical care quality.
It is worrying to consider that the situation of U.S health care system is faced with numerous challenges. I was surprised to learn that since the year 1970, the United States of America 's health care spending grew 9.8 percent annually, a value that is more than two times the inflation rate. Medical costs in the nation now consume around 17.3 percent of the gross domestic product, which is $8,086 for each American. The United States´ approach to health care fails to make the people healthier. If medical costs keep on rising, this will result in the government running up increasing deficits struggling to fund Medicare, Medicaid, as well as Affordable Care Act´s new subsidies. Millions of American citizens will forego or delay the necessary health care due to out-of-pocket medical costs becoming expensive (Bentley.)
In the documentary, Dr. Elliot Fisher of Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy, and Dr. Brent James, the chief quality officer at the Intermountain Medical Center, undertook a follow-up and discussion of the patient at UCLA Los Angeles Medical Centre and Intermountain Medical Centre in Utah. Given the fact that UCLA is among the leading academic medical centers in the nation, its spending is to a considerable extent above the national average per patient. On the contrary, Intermountain consumes about the third less than t...

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... patient, and thus shared decision-making assist in the giving back control to the patient. Finally, our family friend went through surgery, and she recovered monitoring her outcomes. In a certain way, the decision made by our friend brings good results both for her and for the health system, our friend was able to start earlier the treatment and the health system avoided a higher health care cost spending if she had got worse in the future.
The dangers that the United States of America faces from the runaway health care spending can be avoided by redesigning the health care system. The United States of America 's approach to health care fails to make the people healthier as well as threatens to bankrupt America. It is essential to comprehend fully the manner by which the healthcare operates in addition to identifying the best pathway that leads to positive outcomes.

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