Mondelez International's Product Analysis Essay

Mondelez International's Product Analysis Essay

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Mondelez International Inc. is a global snacking powerhouse with 2012 revenue of $35billion. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) Mondelez International Inc. is selling its products in 165 countries, and it is a leader in the world in selling candy, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, etc, with brands such as Milka Chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury, LU, Jacobs coffee, Oreo biscuits and Nabisco, Trident Gum and Tang. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013)
In the second quarter of 2013, Net Revenues were $8.6billions (increased by 0.8%). ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) Organic Net Revenues increased by 3.8%, they were leaded by strong/ volume mix of 3.6% points as well as favorable pricing of 0.2% points. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) Power Brands are growing continually by up of 7.9%, and Milka is posting double-digit increase. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013)
Milka is one of Mondelez International Inc. brands and the leading European chocolate. Milka chocolate unique lilac-colored packaging and the famous lilac cow symbolize the brand together with its Alpine heritage. Created by Suchard in 1901, Milka became very quickly the milk chocolate tablets specialist, which is now expanding to more delicious varieties and new products. ("Mondelez international," 2014)
The lilac brand stands for: “originality, cosines and security and high spirits”. ("Brandora lizenzbranche," 2014) With its 250 employees and 125 million of bars sold, Milka is the leader with the milk chocolate and realize 11,6% of market share (2010). ("Choc'n Blog," 2011) In 2012 Milka and the other chocolate brands brought to Mendelez International Inc. 27% of the total profit.
Milka for the customers represents the culture of auth...

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