Essay on The Monarchy Of Ferdinand Of Aragon And Isabella Of Castile

Essay on The Monarchy Of Ferdinand Of Aragon And Isabella Of Castile

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Under the monarchy of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, Spain was provided with many advantages in its conquest of the Western Hemisphere. Spanish monarchs supported several explorers ' expeditions and one of them was Christopher Columbus. In 1492 Columbus was on the look out for a better, cheaper, and faster route to Asia in order to acquire better trade goods, expand Spanish empires, and spread Christianity. It was also his last chance to sail and prove to the Spanish monarchs that he was capable of finding riches for them. Instead, he sailed west where he ran into the Western Hemisphere and discovered new lands and new people, where he thought he found India.

Native Americans were described by Columbus as timid, unknowledgeable yet trustworthy in his letter to the Monarchs of Spain in 1493. When Christopher Columbus found the civilizations in the Western Hemisphere, he realized that they were thriving with riches, including gold, silver, and new crops. All this wealth was easy to acquire from the natives due to the natives not knowing what gold and silver was. The natives did not understand the value of monetary objects. They would trade their riches for small trinkets such as a plate or glass. Columbus found better riches here for the Monarchs than he would have gained from trading with Asia. Columbus explained this in his letter to the Monarchs as a form of good salesmanship, he did this in order to intrigue the Monarchs into further investing in resources for conquering. This new discovery allowed for Columbus and the Spanish to associate and make relationships with the Native Americans, it also allowed them the advantage of demographic superiority over other rivals. When the Monarchs of Spain became aware of...

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... Spanish and Native Americans became adapted to new cultures and environments. Native Americans also became more immune to diseases through acclimation. This exchange of people, ideas, technology, food and culture became known as the Colombian Exchange. By 1550 Spain promulgated the New Laws, which ordered the Native Americans to be treated fairly and outlawed their exploitation. These laws also promoted royal control, they served to let everyone know that the king was in charge. Although this helped the Native Americans, it did not help the Africans. As early as 1501 African slaves were being imported to America since they seem to have a better longevity than the Natives. The wealth and riches provided by slave labor were used to fight religious wars in Europe which included the Spanish Armada. Overall by the 1600s Spain was easily the wealthiest kingdom in Europe.

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