The Moments Of A Nurse Essay examples

The Moments Of A Nurse Essay examples

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As a nurse, I have seen many touching moments. But none will compare to the one I just had. A blind man, Robert, was brought into the hospital a few days ago due to his failing health and he only wanted us to make one phone call; to a young couple he had known. This particular couple was peculiar in a way, when they received the call, they were distraught, despite no actual relation to the blind man. They hopped on the next available flight and arrived in Seattle in the wee hours of the morning. Once they arrived they were immediately brought in to see Robert, where I was tending to him. They both had the red strained eyes of people who had been crying and had gotten no sleep. Robert was sleeping but yet they insisted on remaining by his side so they would be there at the exact moment he woke up. While waiting the wife sat in the corner writing poetry and the husband walked around aimlessly. I finally got a small break and decided to ask the husband what their story was. He then told me about how his wife had once worked for the blind man and while they were working together he had touched her and changed her life. After, the blind man’s wife had passed away he came to visit and during this visit he also changed the life of the husband. This seemed strange to me so I asked him how his life had changed and he simply told me, “Robert, opened my eyes to his point of view and how he see the world.” I was completely taken aback. How could a blind man change how a regular man sees? At this point, I was intrigued and I told him that if he could wait half an hour I would be off my shift and would love to hear more. He agreed and went back and joined his wife and read her poem she had written and told her it was the most beautiful thing h...

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...eplied, “Draw me my Beulah sitting at the gates of Heaven waiting on me. That way when I get there, I know who to look for.” I had no idea what his wife looked like but when I looked at the couple, they just nodded their heads. I started out shaky but the blind man reassured me I was doing a fine job. I then remembered the husband’s story about seeing without seeing and closed my eyes as I was finishing up. When I completed, I heard nothing from the blind man and only sobs from the husband and wife. Minutes passed and I realized the blind man had passed. Robert changed the husband’s life and through that the husband had lost his selfishness and allowed for my life to change as well. I suddenly knew how the husband felt. I felt alive. The husband then asked how I was doing and with my eyes still closed I replied, “I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.”

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