Essay about The Moment I Started The Drive Of Magnolia, By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay about The Moment I Started The Drive Of Magnolia, By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The moment I started the drive to Magnolia, I knew life would soon change. As soon as I arrived, I saw tons of people who I have never talked to in my short life. This was going to be an interesting year. I was excited for the adventures ahead; little did I know that the adventures would start a lot sooner than I had imagined.
Once my parents both left and went back to the town of De Queen, I realized I was on my own. It finally hit me that I was in control of my own destiny, not anyone else. I had the power to do what and when. I could better my life or screw it up. It was then that I decided that I was going to have to be responsible if I wanted to succeed. Throughout the first week, I had decisions to make, such as partying and drinking with certain type of people or studying and preparing for a good school year with another group of people. I ultimately chose the latter and have felt myself grow in to a responsible young adult. I chose to show up to class 10 minutes early and study because I knew that if I missed class, no one was really going to care. Going t...

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