Molly Lynch : Medical Shunt Or Not? Essay

Molly Lynch : Medical Shunt Or Not? Essay

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Molly Lynch was complaining of yet another headache and her doctors were not sure if was due to her medical shunt or not. Her doctor reached out to Dr. Joshua Medow, a neurosurgeon with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospitals. Dr. Medow knew Molly’s case well and although the other doctors thought he was crazy for wanting to fly her by helicopter immediately to the UW-Hospital, Dr. Medow knew it was only a matter of minutes to hours before she blew a pupil form too much pressure in her head. Unfortunately, when Molly landed she would died from the pressure and blew a pupil before she was rushed to the operating room.
“Now imagine,” said Medow, “if I had a device and I could have known what was happening leading up to it, Molly would have not had to endure this pain.”
“Having a device that actually tells you what the pressure is objectively and let’s you know what is happening beat to beat would be incredibly helpful because it would allow you to discern many of the different failure points or problems that these people have,” explained Medow.
Dr. Medow has watched numerous children be rushed into the emergency room due to a malfunction with their medical shunt. Side effects associated with the shunts range from headaches to vomiting to sleepiness can lead to comas, strokes, a blown pupil and even death, according to Hydrocephalus Association.
This pressure sensor implant will be used on patients with hydrocephalus, a condition that causes excessive fluid within the brain, as well as patients with brain injury or other head trauma as it will wirelessly measure intracranial pressure giving these patients a therapeutic treatment that can be treated permanently, rather than periodically and repetitively.
Dr. Joshua Medow, the...

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...ople over your career as a neurosurgeon and if you teach a bunch of other people how to do it or how to think about it you give them the framework and architecture. You actually extend your hands a little bit further and then you are helping the millions of people they’ll eventually touch,” explained Medow.
Another part of the job Medow enjoys is the lab research.
“The lab stuff is my creative release. My muse is the sick people that I have all around me and then I use my creative pallets and canvas in the lab,” said Medow.
The intracranial device was an orginal idea that Dr. Medow began working on in 2000. He built his own device in 2005, however it was the size of a table.
The intracranial pressure device is still in the lab and is not available for human use.
“What I am trying to do is build the tools that I really need that don’t already exist,” said Medow.

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