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Mole : Mole Relationship Lab Essay

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Lab Title: Mole-to-Mole relationships and Empirical Formulas

Purpose: The objective of lab four was to use the website Late Nite Labs to determine mole-to-mole relationships and empirical formulas in chemical reactions. Combining and/or heating various compounds, observing the reactions and then calculating the moles revealed the balanced chemical reactions.

Materials: For the virtual experiment, a computer, Internet, calculator and access to Late Nite Labs were needed.

If one were to do the mole-to-mole relationship lab with actual materials they would need copper (s), a Bunsen burner, a crucible, a scale, 0.2 M silver nitrate (AgNO3)(l), and beakers.

If one were to do the empirical formula lab with materials that are physically present they would need a crucible, a scale, copper sulfate hydrate (s), magnesium chloride hydrate (s), a Bunsen burner, and a watch.

Procedure: When performing the experiments with chemicals, de-clutter and clean the workstation, read the instructions, and make sure to know how to operate all equipment. Then, put safety first by putting on safety goggles and securing loose clothing and jewelry.

The first step in the initial experiment on mole-to-mole relationships is to measure the mass of an empty beaker. Then, add 200 mL of a 0.2 M silver nitrate (AgNO3) solution to the beaker and record the total mass of the beaker plus solution. Next, add 1 g of solid copper (Cu) to the beaker and note the changes. Following this, measure the mass of a clean beaker and then decant the liquid solution from the first beaker into the second clean beaker. Finally, measure the mass of the solution that was decanted and the solid that was left behind.

In the second empirical formula experiment, add 5 g of soli...

... middle of paper ...

...ultant molar ratio calculations are incorrect.

Even if the above errors did occur, the objective of this experiment was met. Molar ratios and balanced empirical formulas were found and I feel confident in my understanding of these very important calculations. Future students would benefit from traveling to an actual lab to complete these experiments, double checking their data entry and making sure the solids in experiment two were completely cooled before measuring their mass. These actions would eliminate the second hand observation that takes place via simulation software, decrease the order entry errors and increase the likelihood that the moles calculated are correct.


Brown, T. L., LeMay, H. E., Jr., Bursten, B. E., Murphy, C. J., Woodward, P. M., & Stoltzfus, M. W. (2015). Chemistry: The Central Science (Vol. 13). Pearson Education, Inc.

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