Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 's Life Essay

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 's Life Essay

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 in Western India into a Hindu “bania” family. His family originated from the village of Kutiana, successive generations of the family had served as civil servants of the state administration until his grandfather was appointed as a Diwan in the early 19th century. His father was married 3 times before his mother. Karamchand and Putlibai had 4 children, they had a son, Laxmidas, a daughter, Raliatbehn, another son, Karsandas, and then their last child Mohandas. Their family religion was eclectic, his father was Hindu and his mother was a highly pious women. He entered a local school in 1879 studying basics of arithmetic, geography, history, and the Gujarati language.
The performance he gave in school was neither superior nor poor, but average. He did not excel at anything, but he learned what was expected of him. In one account, Gandhi documents a time when in class he had spelt the word “kettle” wrong, the teacher instructed him to look over at his neighbor’s to copy it down correctly, but he refused. His teacher, who taught him that copying was wrong, was here telling him to elaborate on it. Even through this, Gandhi had not lost any respect for him. He had met students of many faiths while in school, they encouraged him to try different things, he tried meat, and even visited a brothel. He was a vegetarian up to this point of his life, his friend encouraged him to try meat to improve his stamina. In the brothel, he rebuffed prostitutes and was promptly sent out. His experiments with the meat and the brothel only gave him mental anguish. Thoughts of suicide even ran through his mind, he put a confession of his guilt into a letter and with trembling hands he gave it to his father. Kara...

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...propose the abolition of salt tax, the drink evil. But I will say nothing less than freedom” (Famous). He gave call to all sections of people, workers, wealthy, or poor, to unite with his mantra “Do or Die”. The only support of the movement outside of Indians came from America’s President of the time Franklin D. Roosevelt who compelled Winston Churchill to agree to India’s terms, but he denied the request. With all the rebellious leaders arrested the British government also abolished civil rights and freedom of speech and press. Britain then began to think of ways they could peacefully exit the country. The movement, although it failed, had restored peace in India by 1947, even though the Congress leaders were still not released. The Indian Independence Act of 1947 was passed by parliament, and it partitioned British India into 2 new countries, Pakistan and India.

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