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Modifying Tests For Special Needs Students Essays

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Modifying tests for Special Needs Students

The million dollar question from many teachers is: Why do I need to modify test for special needs students? Some common statements you can hear echoing throughout many schools and I must admit I am guilty of a few such as: “I have too many students in my class to follow the I.E.P. and make special accomodations for your child!” “It’s not my job to read and follow the I.E.P. That’s only for Special-Ed teacher”! These types of comments if we aren’t careful could create trouble for teachers, the school, and students. In retrospect, the bottom line is this what is required and must be done to even the playing field for our students with disabilities. We as educators must ensure they have equal opportunity as compared to their peers.
I’ve been in education for about 8 years and though that is not a long time- my opinion is that it is long enough for me to have a deeper understanding of this topic and sadly enough-I do not. Henceforth, my reason for selecting “said” topic. Mrs. Claudine Selzer-Clark, defined test modification as, “changes in testing procedures or formats that provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in test situations and to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. Test modifications can change the way in which test items are presented to the student, the student’s method of responding to test items or the process a student uses to derive responses to test items. Test modifications should not be excessive; they should alter the standard administration of a test to the least extent possible.”
According to my experience and my research, students with disabilities often have education plans that require testing accomodations or modification...

... middle of paper ...

...s vital to document what you do. Also, another eye-opener are the differences between accomodations and modifications. There seems to be a smaller list of modifications as compared to the lengthy possibilities found under accomodations. ( So my wondering is why don’t accommodate for all?
Regardless; I do feel that I have a better understanding of such a vital topic. This will definitely benefit me moving forward in my future endeavors. By all means-I see the benefit of testing modifications. Ultimately, the success of our children is what matters most and I feel as though I took an oath to service each and every child. As stated in our Core Beliefs- My main purpose is to improve student academic achievement and with my help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate (may take a little more time; but they will achieve) as non-at risk students.

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