Modernization And Colonialism : The Mexican American War Essays

Modernization And Colonialism : The Mexican American War Essays

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In order to adequately explain modernization and colonialism, one must take into consideration some basic historical factors. The Mexican-American War took place in the years 1846 to 1848. As of result of this War, Mexico was forced to cede half of their land to the United States. The land Mexico ceded to the United States includes states such as California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, half of New Mexico, about a quarter of Colorado and a small section of Wyoming. The importance of this succession is that an estimated 75,000 Spanish-speaking people lived in the Southwest. The majority of these Spanish Speakers lived in New Mexico (60,000), followed by California (7,500), Texas (5000), Arizona, and Colorado (1,500) (Language Rights and New Mexico Statehood). The importance of the latter information is that Spanish was the dominant language and the culture that prevailed in these regions was a mixture of Spanish, Mexican, and Indian. Most importantly, the Mexicans living in these Regions were given the option of becoming American citizens. Rather than relocate, about 90% of the Mexican population agreed to American citizenship. In the following paper, I will discuss how colonization was a leading factor to the social and political marginalization of the Mexican American in the United States. Secondly, I will focus on how modernization led to the rise of political consciousness from Mexican-Americans who fought against an oppressive government and urged for political, economic, and social equality. Lastly, I will comment on the state of Mexican Americans and the U.S in the year 1910.
To start off, Colonization was a crucial factor to the social marginalization of the Mexican American. Before the Mexican-American war, Mexico had allo...

... middle of paper ...; the epoch of her degradation has passed, she is no longer a slave sold for a few coins, she is no longer the serf, but instead the equal of man, his companion, him being her natural protector and not her master and sir” (Course Reader, 205). Her insistence for condemning prejudice at a national level was dangerous but courageous and necessary.
In essence, following the Mexican-American war, the Mexican American has been in a constant state of Marginalization. White supremacist in fear of losing control harm the Mexican American by establishing laws and institutions that will limit the progression of their communities. The Constitution of the New Mexico was a resolution to equate the Anglo and Mexican American, yet it was never actually followed through. Chicana/o’s continue to demand their rights as American citizens, yet it is often overlooked and forgotten.

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