Modern World Has Technology Supporting Everything Essay

Modern World Has Technology Supporting Everything Essay

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Nowadays, modern world has technology supporting everything. It is more convenient for people to do common things. The development of technology also means the development of entertainment. Entertaining things are more modern, and more video games are created. In my childhood, there were few video games and most of them are for boys. However, these games are simple with poor graphic appearance. As a result, children usually spend more hours doing outdoor activities such as playing soccer, jogging, or playing tag than playing video games. During my childhood, the toys are modern
Doing outdoor activities benefits both physic and mental health of children. Today, children spend most of their time staying at home to play games and watch television. Their life is covered by technology equipment and four corners of their room. They barely have any exercises or outdoor activities. They usually sit at one place in a long hour, which causes a lot of diseases such as diabetes, backache, and heart disease. However, during my childhood, there was a few children have these diseases. I remember that I spent most of my time outside to play with my friends. When I was in kindergarten, I ran around my neighborhood and climbed the fences while my parents fed me. When I went to elementary school, I jumped rope, chased my friends, and walked around school yard during break time. After school, I went home and tried to finish my homework as soon as possible in order to go outside to play with my neighbors. We went to our houses to ask each other to go out to play. Whoever finished the homework first would go to the other houses to call the others go outside to play. We use both house and road space to play. I lived in Vietnam for seventeen years and t...

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... with wind blows through my hair and two rows of big Delonix Regia trees standing along the street. I love the primitiveness of this place, and I love the way nature creates it. And this feeling makes me love the nature. Nature connects with human through their daily life. If children have chance to contact directly with nature, they will realize how they love and need nature. Moreover, they will be aware to conserve the nature by protecting the environment. They will protect nature by planting more trees to have a “green” environment, protecting extinct animals, preventing illegal hunting, and recycling. These actions will low the Earth’s temperature and solve our environmental problems such as global warming. The risk of having disasters is also lower. Letting children having contact with nature during their childhood will help them respect and conserve the nature.

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