Modern Warfare Tactics From Romans and Greeks Essay

Modern Warfare Tactics From Romans and Greeks Essay

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Rome and Greece were two of the most powerful and influential regions in the ancient world. Both regions had excellent armies and battle strategies; they also dominated most of the world at that point in history. Also, Rome and Greece had provided a multitude of different ideas to different cultures that affected how those cultures were formed. Even today the ideas, inventions, and strategies that the Romans and Greeks came up with are used in our modern day and will be used for many more years to come. This is the description of how modern warfare tactics have been influenced by the Romans and the Greeks.

The city of Rome, founded in a strategic location among a war-like people,(the Etruscans), needed to develop a military from the start. As Rome grew and needed to defend itself more, its military needs changed, it no longer needed a thousand men fighting, they needed a big army. As the military developed, so did the needs for better battle tactics, because of the increase of their number they could do more efficient strategies. The normal arrangement was to place the infantry in the centre and the cavalry on the wings. The function of the cavalry was to prevent the center from being outflanked and if the battle turned and the enemy started to retreat, the cavalry moved forward and cut them down; Horsemen were always a secondary force in ancient warfare, the main fighting being done by the infantry.

Another strategies included: The combat formation used by the Greeks and Romans was called the phalanx. This involved the soldiers standing side by side in lines. Just before contact with the enemy, the soldiers moved in close together so that each man's shield helped to protect the man on his left.The tortoise, or Testudo, which ...

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...c supplies as they moved eastward. The process was repeated later in the war by the retreating German forces, which burned or destroyed farms, buildings, weapons, and food to hurt the Soviet Union.

Roman battle tactics have been used for thousands of years as seen by the Scorched Earth Policy and how the cultures in the early modern age used the Testudo. Rome and Greece have influenced many countries with the battle tactics including Russia, or the Soviet Union at the time, when Stalin used the Scorched Earth Policy to keep the Germans from invading; and the Germans used that method too when they were retreating away from the Russians so that they could disable the Russians for a while. Rome has impacted our country and many others especially on the way our country founded our military and the Romans also gave us ideas on how to destroy our opponent efficiently.

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