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Modern Urbanism Essay

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In the article “Study shows urbanization impact on biodiversity” BBC Science and environment reporter Mark Kinver reveals several social studies results to illustrate how urbanism causes cities loss biodiversity. It makes our society be aware of the importance of ecological sustainability and the possible improvements in modern urbanism. In the report, a research scientist from Rutgers University, Myla Anderson, claims that urban cities tended to overlook the preservation of “unique biotic heritage”. As a result, many local species such as birds and plants were disappeared. Comparing with those underdeveloped regions, urban cities have relatively low “biotic heritage” rate. Calling the very few Green spaces left in urban areas as the “important refuge”, Anderson then points out that city planner has to take considerations into account to maintain the balance between urban biodiversity and rapidly developed urban landscapes. In addition, the article asserts the opinion Anderson and the Stanford University’s Prof Philip James both agreed on. The point they reached is that creating a su...

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