The Modern Teenager Has A Reputation For Being Moody And Sassy Essay

The Modern Teenager Has A Reputation For Being Moody And Sassy Essay

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The modern teenager has a reputation for being moody and sassy. Teachers on the other hand, are supposed to be smart and helpful. However when a teacher acts like a student problems often occur. Along with inappropriate behaviors, teachers and students alike, tend to act superior to others. The above situations lead to disruptions in the learning environment and can straight up ruin a day. These attitudes must be changed in schools, students and teachers alike must realize the greater purpose of schooling.

I have attended the same school district since kindergarten; throughout this time I have interacted with many teachers, and with each new teacher I have observed a new teaching style. Many teachers have found that teaching with care and compassion is the most successful way. However when I first reached high school, I noticed a change in how some teachers treated their students. The first example that springs into mind is a teacher, I had in 10th grade. She was new to our school and the first day of school, she walked in with a bad attitude. An attitude is completely understandable, every once in a while, we are human after all, but when you 're making a first impression an attitude is a bad idea. With this teacher the attitude continued to the point where students were dropping her class, and the students who weren 't dropping her class were in misery. The students ended up giving an attitude back to her, and they were then blamed for any bad situations that arose. Situations that had even included the teacher saying she “didn 't care if we passed or failed, because either way there would be a job next year” for her. In this situation I personally went from getting 100s and high 90s to low 80s and 70s within the year....

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...en I get along with the person teaching me. If I feel like the classroom is a harsh environment I tend to zone out any time I enter it. When I was in the class with the first year teacher last year there were days I would deliberately leave early or come in late just to miss her class. If a student does not get along with the teacher they will act out, and as unfair as it sounds the teachers must be the more mature ones and try to handle the situations appropriately. Yelling at a child will not make them behave, but showing them you care will work every time. Always remember that the purpose of schooling is to make improvements in society and not to make others unhappy.

Every school faces their own problems, however for a great learning experience people must be willing to put their basic human tendencies behind them and find a way that will work for everyone.

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