Essay about The Modern Setting Should Be The Most Well Known Setting

Essay about The Modern Setting Should Be The Most Well Known Setting

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The modern setting should be the most well known setting in horror games, right? A large sum of horror movies are set in a modern time period. In fact, most of our horror experiences take place right here in our own backyard. So, surprisingly, a modern setting is quite difficult to run in role playing games. Especially when comparing to elves, orcs, and goblins, all of which are fictional. No, we are delving into what we are most familiar with; expanding on the very things we use every day.

Dealing With Technology

One of the biggest blessings and curses in running a modern setting is that the players have a realistic sense of the technology and situations that their characters experience. On one hand this is good for roleplaying, and on the other hand it puts a heavy burden on the GM. More so than other settings, the players may quickly call the GM out on inconsistencies or catch on to elements that the GM may not have taken into account. However, I’ve found that the most considerable disadvantage the GM has in a modern setting is the multitude of ways the PCs can reach out for help using cell phones, tablets, radios, etc. You can’t really blame them. After all, they’re just trying to not get murdered.

Where There’s a Kill, There’s a Way
Typically it’s best to react to the players’ decisions rather than force them, but sometimes the GM just needs some space to work. And by work I mean wreak havoc.

Solution 1
The quickest and easiest solution to a pesky cell phone or tablet is to disable them. No reception, no power, they break. Maybe something supernatural is afoot? Disabling feels cliche, and it kind of is. But this could be a good thing. Horror lovers are all too familiar with the girl who drops the cell phone in the...

... middle of paper ...

...her’s Knife Light weapon
Model Sword Light Weapon (won’t last long)
Chainsaw Heavy Weapon
Flamethrower Heavy Weapon

Thick coat or outerwear Light Armor
Sports Pads and Helmet Light Armor
Bio Mask Asset for might defense tasks
Riot armor Medium Armor
Riot shield Asset for speed defense tasks

Other Items
Swiss army knife
Touch tablet
Bungee cord(s) Various Lengths
Music player
USB storage
Drill gun
Compressed air duster
Spray bottle
Paper towels
Safety glasses
Measuring tape
Spray lube
Using Cyphers in a Modern Setting
Cyphers are challenging to fit into a realistic modern setting. But thanks to their one-time-use nature, they can be assigned to weapons or items that can only be used once or twice. Examples of modern cypher usage could include:

Molotov Cocktails
Household chemicals

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