Modern Politics: Speaker Joe Straus for Texas Essay

Modern Politics: Speaker Joe Straus for Texas Essay

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Speaker Joe Straus
Joe Straus has been Speaker for Texas since the year 2009, and is going strong. There isn’t much prior knowledge of the Speaker, but may people and elected officials say that he is doing a great job. Upon research of Joe Straus he has many beliefs and ideas to make Texas a better state than what it already is. Joe Straus believes that any and all co-workers should work together and get along so that way the works gets done faster and more efficient. Teamwork is a very important task because he or she is not alone to try and work on something that he or she can’t do or operate.
Speaker Joe Straus is the first elected Jewish speaker in the Texas house. The religious aspect of his life has brought to the table plenty of opportunities for controversy. State Republican Executive Committee John Cook, made statements through an email conversation November of 2010 stating, "We elected a house with Christian, conservative values. We now want a true Christian, conservative running it,” (Berger, 2010) Cook later attempted to rectify his comments by stressing that he had plenty of Jewish friends and his comments were in no way an attack on his faith, but supported Christians remaining in office.
With this family background up bringing Joe Straus was taught strong morals and ethics to help him guide his way through life. Speaker Joe Straus earned his B.A. in in Political Science from Vanderbilt University. Though Vanderbilt is not considered an Ivy League school, it is very prestigious. In 2013 it was ranked 17th in nation universities. He is a fifth generation Texan; it is no wonder why focuses strongly on the education system here in Texas. He has been committed to putting more money back into the schools. He st...

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... sensitive and controversial issues with the people he represents. Increasing the budget for education and understanding that the ratio with dollar to student is extremely low, is a very crucial subject that I must support him on as well as it effects mine and my child’s education.

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