Modern Patterns Of World History Essay

Modern Patterns Of World History Essay

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Modern Patterns in World History
As the population on earth grew, people ventured out a discovered areas of the world that had not yet been discovered. People began migrating west and searching for new areas to claim as their own. Men and women began setting up colonies in the new world called the Americas. Events in Europe caused the settlers in the America’s to want to break free from the control that England had over them in North America. During this time we saw a new idea in government develop, which was called Nationalism, and we say the Industrial Revolution take shape that created new types of work, jobs. With the Industrial Revolution people experienced changes in society, culture, and the economy. What caused the American Revolution and what were its results? How did nationalism come about, and what impact did it have on history? Finally, how did the Industrial Revolution effect society, culture and the economy?
When the colonist left Britain in such of religious freedom, the door to brand new economic opportunities opened up. They land was vast and uncharted, some of the rich set up large plantations in the southern colonies. The middle class of the settlers lived their lives very similar to the middle class in Britain, making small alteration to accommodate the needs and environmental setting of the colonies. In the northern colonies people owned small plots of land, and the small business owner could be found. People living along the coast lived more closely together and built community relationships, they often traveled back to Britain. As the colonies grew and people became more settled a new economy developed. Four major trades that were prominent in the colonies were timber production, manufacturing, artisan cr...

... middle of paper ... there was a shift in work, the factory owners now were able to hire a staff to run the factories, these owners were now able to supervise their employees while overseeing the day to day operations of their business. Also since they were the owners of these businesses they were able to set their own hours, and have more time off to be with their families if they chose to. Socially people were earning descent wages they were able to move up along social ladders and have better life. The industrial revolution was a time of growth and change in our world. Even though it started in Great Britain, it spend out through the world, connecting people together. It created a trade market that had never been seen before. Countries were able to trade with each other, good that were found in one area could by shipped by steam engine trains and ships to other parts of the world.

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