Essay on The Modern Invention Is The Internet

Essay on The Modern Invention Is The Internet

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Throughout history mankind has had to adapt to the changing lifestyles of a society. Back in ancient Rome, Archimedes invented the nail which made the process of constructing buildings much faster. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and this invention quickly remodeled the current standard of communication. Shortly after in 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb; without the light bulb business in the modern world would not be able to operate for most hours of the day. And of course, what may be considered the greatest modern invention is the internet; its abilities are far in reach and have completely elevated the way business can be done. All of these inventions were created to fill a need; either for faster building or faster communication. Now comes a time when society is in need of climate control and renewable energy systems to help preserve the Earth. Researchers have made progress on some renewable energy systems that can help society, but many of the systems still need more time in research and development to be ready for large scale projects.
From the time of approximately 1850 societies have been using fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas as their main energy source. The growing amount of fossil fuel use from 1850 to 2015 has led to a huge increase in carbon dioxide emissions. All of these carbon dioxide emissions have made an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. “Emissions continue to grow and CO2 concentrations had increased to over 390 ppm, or 39% above preindustrial levels, by the end of 2010” (Edenhofer, Pichs-Madruga, Sokona, Seyboth, 2011). An increase in all of these emissions has caused the global climate to begin warming. Because of this, society has a need for better en...

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...align to help in the execution of renewable energy technologies.
It is only a matter of time before all of society sees the need for other sources of energy than traditional fossil fuels. Renewable energy technologies are already becoming more common on a global scale, and after some more development and funding they have the potential to become the main source of energy used by the public and private sector. As the Earth’s ozone layer continues to be depleted by greenhouse gasses the demand for these renewable energy technologies will no doubt increase. Society has always made room for new innovations to help elevate civilization, and the case for renewable energy technologies will be no different. Hopefully society will realize that the expected benefits outweigh the costs for the need of these renewable energies before too much more damage is done to the Earth.

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