Modern Globalization : Female Hegemonic Power Essay

Modern Globalization : Female Hegemonic Power Essay

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Globalization has led to a shrinking of the globe and an increase in world consciousness through the development of global institutions, technological advances, and major cultural transmission. The institutions that proliferate globalization are dominated by male hegemonic power. However, there has been an increase, particularly in the global South, towards trends that allow for the erosion of the hegemonic power of masculinity and the favouring of women in the global sphere. Despite historical, institutional and pervasive nature of male hegemony, there has been a slight shift within the constraints of the patriarchal system, towards women through work opportunities, education, new sexual dimensions. Furthermore, with the slow erosion of masculine hegemony, certain men are finding themselves in increasingly vulnerable positions due to the nature of patriarchy.
Globalization describes societal and global economic shifts due to the increasing of pan-national trade of investment, goods, services, and cultural capital. Modern globalization is controlled primarily the nation-state and consequently, national economies and cultural identities (Power Points). Therefore, there has been a development in a mass global culture and an interconnectedness of cultures that is referred to as the ‘global village’ (Power Points). Globalization’s economic aspects are characterized through trade liberalization and the influx of foreign direct and indirect investment.
Firstly, it is imperative that national and global institutions such as the states, markets, intergovernmental organizations, and national and multinational corporations be treated as entities that are gendered in nature. These institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, th...

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...l exploitation. Free markets have allowed for the greater movement of people and capital and the increased market for human trafficking. There are estimations that there are 200,000 trafficked women in Japan alone working for pimps and traffickers (Moorehead, pg. 4).
Despite the increased vulnerability of certain categories of men, masculinity as a whole has remained hegemonic due to the institutional pervasiveness of the patriarchal global system. The modern economy has been structured in a manner in which the “male-wage-female domestic worker couple” is a primary feature (Connell, pg. 8). Within the global North, reconstituting gender relations is challenging due to society’s correlation between masculinity and the political, economic realm, and between femininity and the domestic, private realm (Connell, pg. 8). Furthermore, in the global South, deep repressive

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