Modern Fast Pace Healthcare Delivery Environment Essay

Modern Fast Pace Healthcare Delivery Environment Essay

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In modern fast pace healthcare delivery environment, a provider 's ability to diagnose and suggest treatment swiftly can make the difference in whether a patient would have optimistic or pessimistic ending. The consequences of a health provider 's decision and action can be traced to inaccurate or partial information from the patient or relatives. According to Grinten (2006), medical errors are often the consequence of healthcare providers not having full medical record for the patients they treat, especially in an emergency situation. For this reason and other health related challenges, many healthcare organizations considered it imperative to form regional health information organizations (RHIOs) to enable them exchange and use health information in a secure way, for the purpose of advancing the enhancement of healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency. Historically, RHIO can be regarded as the new face for community health information network (CHIN) which could not make much impact because of organizational and implementation issues, such as lack of standards, funding, and poor technical infrastructure (Vest, & Gamm, 2010). RHIOs which consist of hospitals, physicians, health plans, laboratories, consumers, and other relevant stakeholders seem to provide governance body and policies for facilitating health information exchange among participants and the technical infrastructure for automated exchange. The surge toward technological advancement and internet usage has made the establishment of national health information network (NHIN) an important source for sharing health information across the nation, which RHIOs are considered as integral part for its success. This paper will focus on pros and cons of RHIOs to achieving NHIN...

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...priate fees monthly or annually, and this can be used to support the fund-raising efforts in support of HIE. Lastly, donations from charitable health related organizations can also be a good source for raising initial capital to support HIE, since most of these organizations would appreciate the significance of health consumers ' safety, security, and efficient health information exchange.
The office of national coordinator (ONC) has identified regional health information organizations as the effective and efficient means to achieving the goals of national health information network. Despite the advantages of RHIOs, they have challenges which can obstruct the speedy and efficient accomplishment of the desired goals. Membership fees, subscription fees, and donations can be good sources for raising initial capital to support health information exchange.

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