Modern Family : Today 's Culture Essay

Modern Family : Today 's Culture Essay

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Modern family attracts all types of families rather it’s you becoming a new parent or maybe being a gay with a new born is what makes this show successful. Movies and shows draws that attention of a lot of people but what makes this show so successful. Well in today culture it has to reflect on how much people watch the show and let alone who watch the show. Modern family is about parenthood with by racial families. This show is successful because of how in today’s culture, the way people are rising there family. Most people in this time could relate to what happens on the show. Currently in its 4th season, the show is still producing hilarious episode after hilarious episode, with no sign of it soon being a last season. Everything on it works, from the characters to the humor the show is just a good show to watch. Now keep in mind for this show to be successful it has to be a specific type of families that watch it. The three families featured include a same-sex couple and their adopted daughter, and a post-midlifer and his much younger Latina second wife and stepson with you’re so called average family husband and wife and two kids.
The series boasts an excellent cast of characters. Why the show works for familie, is that all of the characters are brilliant, whether it 's the goofy but competitive Phil (Ty Burrell), the over-the-top but hilarious Gloria, or the bubbly and dramatic Cam (Eric Stonestreet); the entire cast just keeps churning out funny lines over and over again. Not only do adult watch this show but teens and kids love it, also the kids are also very good on the show, which is great to see as a lot of kids tend to be a bit "bratty". Alex and Haley 's constant bickering is always comedy gold, Luke 's stupid but lo...

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...irl is growing up to fast and he don’t want that to happen. I know my family could relate to that because they don’t want to see there little girl get hurt by a boy they want to protect her forever and him be the only man in her life but it doesn’t always work like that. They also have it where mom and dad fight just like the average family mom and dad have their days where everything isn’t always was peaches and butterflies cause things could get ugly really fast. This show is pin point on who our culture today realties to the show not everyone is perfect people make mistakes and at the end of the day each family will always be there for each other and try to work things out for the best. They don’t want their family to be broken apart.
In Modern Family shows that what family is perfect and today culture no family is perfect but they try to do there best show them.

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