Essay about Modern Family, Gender And Sexuality

Essay about Modern Family, Gender And Sexuality

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A. How can this group be described based on their presence OR absence in the text?

In the text Modern Family, gender and sexuality are both very prevalent and are described in different ways. Through out the text it is notable that the ways the characters are described can be very stereotypical. For example, the character of Claire is portrayed as mom that can not handle anything with technology and having her husband talk to her like a child. This increases the gender roles that women are weak and emotional. Another example is Cameron’s character, he is gay therefore his character is expressed as being flamboyant and emotional because he has the same interests as the women in this text. The gender and sexuality groups in this text stick to their known gender roles in society.
B. Compare & contrast this representation to other media portrayals of this group:
Modern Family has come to be one of the shows on the “cutting edge” of media portrayals of gay men. In this episode, they are portrayed as any other couple that are comfortable enough with their sexuality to share it to the world. However Jay’s group of friends are said to be too uncomfortable with that. This is the kind of portrayal that we are used to seeing. Jay is saying that Cam is just one of his son’s “friends” just to make his heterosexual friends comfortable. We see this representation in news outlets, other TV shows, and movies. The homosexual is created for the eyes of the heterosexual. They are often stereotyped and used as humor points. In Modern Family, Cam and Mitchell are used in this manner as seen in the episode when Mitchell points out that there are “two things flaming” in the house. This kind of comedic relief allows heterosexuals to be more at ease ...

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...confirmation of that is Claire and Phil’s conversation about having been to college when talking about Claire’s GPA and Phil’s participation in cheerleading.
This text makes the world a better place because it opposes the idea that we have to fit a specific mold that media often portrays in television. There is not just one way to live and have a family, so I would feel that this is a positive idea. I did like the text, I found it to be humorous. I would say I’m about in the target audience. It probably is aiming for and speaking to either gender, aged around 18-35. The target audience is probably still white, mostly, since the majority of the cast is still white. But it could target either straight or gay audiences. At least in this episode, Cam and Mitch played a significant role in the show so that could be compelling to an audience with a similar lifestyle.

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