Essay about The Modern Era Of The Persian Empire

Essay about The Modern Era Of The Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire spanned from Egypt in the west to Turkey in the north, and through Mesopotamia to the Indus River in the east. It was a series of imperial dynasties centered in Persia. It was established by Cyrus the Great in 550 BC, with the Persian conquest of Media, Lydia and Babylonia. The Persian history was interrupted by the Islamic conquest and later by the Mongol invasion. The main religion of ancient Persia was Zoroastrianism, but after the 7th century this was replaced by Islam. In the modern era, a series of Islamic dynasties ruled Persia independently of the universal caliphate. Since 1979 Persia has been an Islamic republic. In 552 BCE Cyrus led his armies against the Medes and captured Ecbatana in 549 BCE, effectively conquering the Median Empire and also inheriting Assyria. Cyrus later conquered Lydia and Babylon. Cyrus the Great created the Cyrus Cylinder, considered to be the first declaration of human rights and was the first king whose name has the suffix "Great". After Cyrus ' death, his son Cambyses II ruled for seven years and continued his father 's work of conquest, making significant gains in Egypt. A power struggle followed Cambyses ' death and, despite his tenuous connection to the royal line, Darius the Great was declared king. Darius I "the Great was a king of Persia who ruled for 35 years, from September 522 BCE to October 486 BCE. He was the third Achaemenian king and was considered by many to be “the greatest of the Achaemenian kings.” During his reign, Darius completed the work of his predecessors, and not only did he “hold together the empire,” but he also extended it in all directions. Thus, with Darius as Great King, Achaemenian Persia became the largest empire in the world. Darius ' first ...

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...western Khurasan" in Iran 's northeast), then a satrapy (province) in rebellion against the Greek Seleucid Empire. Mithridates I of Parthia (r. c. 171–138 BCE) greatly expanded the empire by seizing Media and Mesopotamia from the Seleucids.

At its height, the Parthian Empire stretched from the northern reaches of the Euphrates, in what is now eastern Turkey, to eastern Iran. The empire, located on the Silk Road trade route between the Roman Empire in the Mediterranean Basin and the Han Dynasty in China, quickly became a center of trade and commerce. The Parthians largely adopted the art, architecture, religious beliefs, and royal insignia of their culturally heterogeneous empire, which encompassed Hellenistic, Persian, and regional cultures. In conclusion the Persian Empire had its fair share of great rulers, great wars, great victories, and ending in great deafeat.

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