Modern Day Society : Female Gender Roles Essay

Modern Day Society : Female Gender Roles Essay

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In modern day society, female gender roles are defined in several of forms; ranging from the stereotypical concept of women being the primary caretakers to women being the dominant sex. After analyzing two sources of past literature, two iconic women represent personas of both social standings. In the literary works “Genesis” of The Hebrew Bible; along with, “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, impactful phenomena take place in the era of these women.
In the scripture “Genesis” of The Hebrew Bible, a young lady by the name of Eve was created by God. Joined by the almighty power of God, Adam, and God’s first creation of man; together with Eve were united in Holy Matrimony by Heavenly Father. As time progressed, Eve stumbled upon a serpent with a vile demeanor. Eve was told by God not to give in to any temptation and to only abide by his good will. Conscious of the wrongness of the situation, Adam and Eve ate fruit from a forbidden tree. In relations of the book of “Genesis”, God declared, “And for your man shall you be longing, and he shall rule over you.” (Genesis 161). Being that Eve showed lack of self-discipline and grit. Eve was then underestimated as a woman, resulting in her being looked upon as a naive; unworthy of overpowering Adam, due to her inability to make honorable judgment.
In the ancient Greek mythology “Lysistrata”, a true heroine by the name of Lysistrata is the primary ruler of a massive sex strike. In the time of war between the men of Athenian, Lysistrata calls upon all the women of Athenian to give up all acts of sex towards the men in combat. Empowered by her idea of celibacy, Lysistrata preaches to the women, “From now on, no more penises for you!” (Lysistrata 829). In unison, the women of Athenian chant a promi...

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...omen with mindsets of both Eve and Lysistrata. Powerful; yet gentle, graceful in beauty, yet fierce in beliefs. Determined, yet understanding. This is what the world of women as evolved to since the iconic times of both, Eve and Lysistrata.
In conclusion to analyzing the literary works “Genesis” of The Hebrew Bible, along with, “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, Eve and Lysistrata are two opposites alike. Seeming to millions of light years away from one another, yet still holding the firm gender role of being female. Being of service to a higher power and running a massive group based on belief is not effortless. Capability as such, requires the desire of seeking one 's personal satisfaction. Whether it be obliged by one for self-gratitude or going by one’s impulse to also meet satisfactorily, the remembrance of term “women” is the common concept of both literary works.

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