The Modern Day Fashion Designers Essay

The Modern Day Fashion Designers Essay

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Many modern day fashion designers have often looked back on the history of fashion, design, and styles that have had significant impact on society. The need for new ideas and inspirations has led to many designers to borrow and even reinvent ideas from those of the past. Many historic garments and works provide an invaluable resource for designers, examples can be found from eras such as the French golden age to the austerity of fashion during the great depression and war periods, where fashion experimentation was sometimes limited. This knowledge of history combined with designers creative ability can make for a successful contemporary collection, which is suited for the modern day. It is evident that some fashions today can still be related back to previous centuries, predominantly the styles of the twentieth century, such as the little black dress by Chanel and Dior 's New Look. Yet Of all the modern day fashion designers who have related to the past John Galliano has consistently borrowed and reinvented elements of historic dress and therefore is one I would like to discuss in this essay. I will be looking at his inspirations behind some of his iconic collections where he has referenced history in which his realisation and promotion play a role.

John Galliano is one of Britain 's most influential fashion designers who has gained admirable success from his vast collections as well as working for top fashion houses such as Givenchy and Christian Dior. Evident from his success Galliano’s collections have not failed to innovate, each collection offering a theme rich with history and manipulated with his theatrical influences, particularly one that was developed from his time as a dresser at the London national theatre. Galliano b...

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...tributed to his growing profile in which has lead him to become an award winning designer and had a significant impact in the interest of his designs.

Through out John Gallianos work it is clear of his love of historicism and fantasy, which he has often referred to in his work. His attention to detailing and tailoring has played a crucial role in his success as a designer and as a leading fashion icon. He will certainly be remembered as one of the most innovative and unique designers of the twentieth and twentieth first century through his extravagant collections and runways shows. Not only has Galliano revolutionised fashion worldwide through creating some of the most beautiful yet daring clothes but he has undoubtedly contributed to the ways in which we dress. His willingness to experiment has inspired a generation of young designers and will to those yet to come.

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