Modern Day American Society : Education Essay

Modern Day American Society : Education Essay

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Education is a very powerful key to success in modern day American society. More often than not, a person will not be able to find a decent job unless they have graduated from a reputable college with a degree. Because of this change in society, it has brought a lot of pressure by parents for their child to graduate and get a degree. A lot of those who graduate with a degree are not always the best candidate for the job, and even with the degree, they are not even always guaranteed a job. But personally, getting an education shouldn’t be as big of a deal, as it is now. Back in the day, most people did not go to college, none the less graduated from high school; yet they still made it through and learned lots of things from their jobs that they acquired.
Rose talks about how his mother and uncle are intellectual outside of the education system. This backs up the previous point by saying that education is not for everyone and that you should be considered intellectual without a college education. This idea proves Graff’s argument wrong which says that street smarts are not intellectual because they do not have an education. This theory is not true because Rose’s uncle and mother are proof of it. They picked up different types of skills, ones that are not taught in school, from the jobs that they acquired. Then again, back in the 60’s and 70’s, education wasn’t as pressured as it is now and was not made into as big of a deal as it is now as well. If people did not go to school, they were more often than not, working to either make a living for themselves or to provide for their families. Most of the time, no one could afford to go to school and only the wealthy could. Those who did not go to college went right into the work field. C...

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...g, someone may not. This is similar to Rose’s argument because if the standardized tests were based on intriguing and interesting topics, students would perform better, resulting in higher numbers on IQ tests. And in this case, “street smarts” wouldn’t be considered because along with “book smarts” they will become a community as Graff stated in the text.
Nevertheless, education as said previously is the core of our society. It’s clear why education is needed in today’s lifestyle, but unsure why it 's valued so greatly. Employers and business owners shouldn’t base someone’s knowledge off of the degree they have and what school they graduated from. There should be a better way to evaluate a person’s skill sets and talents, other than this. Both author’s, Rose and Graff, agree in that intellectualism is hidden and someone may be brilliant working in a blue collar job.

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