Modern Art And Modern Culture Essay

Modern Art And Modern Culture Essay

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Abstract Painting and design are significant parts of art, although both belong to different categories, they have close relation. In such aspects as creation concept, techniques, painting and design have interaction and serve each other. Not simply refers to a variety of art and modern art genre, it is a reflection of a complex social ideological trend, profoundly affected the western social ideology, but also affect other areas. Modern art provides a rich and more formal language for graphic design, promoted the expression of graphic design and the formation of new style, as well as provides a rich nutrition for modern design. As a result, the modern plane design move into the diversification and democracy. The 20th century is an incomparable era, all kinds of art forms which are on the basis of the traditional, present the manifold blessings that lie in sight, it is difficult to use a kind of style and form to describe, also it is difficult to use the idea of traditional to classify. The rapid development of industrial technology, not only brought social structure and social life the huge impact, as well brought artists the new content and the new form of performance. During the period from 1907 to the Second World War, in Europe and the United States, there appeared a series of art movement, which are aimed at traditional art to conduct a thorough reform movement. It is not only thoroughly change from the traditional art in the content and purpose of values, the service object, forms and means of writing, and the medium of expression, but also has injected new vitality to the modern vision design field, and greatly enrich the visual language of poster design. Key words: the modern plane; design art; art movement. 1.The influen...

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...and, futurism absorbs the way that cubism use to decompose object to express the movement of the object. On the other hand, it draws lessons from the new impressionism stippling drawing skills, using lines and colors to express continuous combination and a series of overlapping, it also often puts many phenomena, which occur simultaneously, in a work to show the scene when an object moves. Barak 's masterpiece "the dynamics of a dog on the chain" illustrates the futuristic style. There is a running dog and a woman 's foot, the repetitive form is used to express the movement of objects. The movement of the running dog’s legs is instantly freezing on a piece of canvas, these movements can be solidified into a change stage. This is an actively trying that the future artists describe dynamic objects by static way, and it has directly impact on the surrealism and Dadaism.

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