Essay on Modern Architecture During The World War II

Essay on Modern Architecture During The World War II

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It is considered that modern architecture settle after the World War II around 1955, however there was numerous factors before this happened. Names like Wright and Richard Neutra or the Rockefeller Centre (1930) in New York are some of the clear picture to prove that this movement started before. Brazil was another country in architectural development in the spotlight. There is also to say that this pre-war Modern Architecture had its differences regarding to the post war. Nevertheless, there is to clarify that, there was not a big jump, there was a whole process and it began long before.

From the beginning of the century the architecture started to change but it is after the World War II when the big step was made into modern architecture. There is to consider that everything started with the Second Industrial Revolution also known as the Technological Revolution (between 1860-1880 until WWI), which boost architecture to be developed into new forms since the emergence of new materials, such as coal, oil and iron ore were managed, implying a progressively replacement of steel for cast iron for most purposes due to the Bessemer process (1856). The invention of the dynamo (1869)

There is also the need to mention that Modern Architecture started to be familiar with “the boom of the roaring 1920s and the bust of the Depression-ridden 1930s” 1, mostly known as Art Deco, with names such as Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, and the Continental Avant Grade. Londoners were able to see the new movement in Highgate- Highpoint Flats- by Tecton, or Streatham by Pulman Court, and in public buildings, Tecton’s Finsbuty Heasth Centre, tube stations and the Jazz Moderne of new cinemas left footprints of this “new era” in architecture.

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...s to new thirsty young architects to rebuild the city with new forms of construction, cheek by jowl with the old architects that remained in the UK, assuming and addressing any problems found along the way. Modern style expanded significantly by the end of the decade. By 1955 Modern Architecture was stablished in Britain, it was a style of choice by the Local Authorities, business, industry and private clients, used in buildings such as flats, schools, and public buildings.

The Royal Festival Hall built in 1951 in London in the one of the first entertainment building after the World War II, but we also need to remember that housing was a major problem on those times appearing with it the solution of applying the idea of states like the Well Hall Estate built in 1915, into the modernisation of those as the Somerford Grove Estate in Hackney, London in 1947.

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