Modern Advances May Surpass Human Sensory Limitations Essay

Modern Advances May Surpass Human Sensory Limitations Essay

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Modern Cockpit Advances May Surpass Human Sensory Limitations
The modern day cockpit is an interrelated system of technology and human limitations, which if not thoroughly considered, can develop into a hazardous environment. Aircraft automation is capable of contributing toward significant advances in the aviation community and potentially devastating outcomes when human limitations become involved. It’s critical to weigh the pros and cons of future automation, prior to implementation, to deconflict with human limitations.
The current electronic emphasis in the cockpit breeds demand for precise data and analytical process, more so than psychomotor skills (Moiser, 2010). Sensory faults and perception limitations influence aviation safety differently than in the past. In the modern cockpit, pilot’s sensory and kinesthetic attributes merge with system automation to create an information-driven flight management process (Moiser, 2010). It’s the responsibility of both the aviation industry and pilots to ensure that human demands are managed in the safest way possible.
Issues like correspondence errors, coherence errors, and complacency are common in today’s hybrid ecology of naturalistic and electronic influences. Pilots perceive cues from these two distinctly different sources to make informed decisions in flight (Moiser, 2010). A multitude of human complexes arise when the automation delivering information to the pilot collide with natural human limitations. This paper provides an overview of the human factors most affected by technological advances in the modern cockpit environment and the automation involved through the analysis of several research articles on the subject, and provides a view into what is being done to combat the...

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... use and validity of an information cue, or rather assign it a diagnostic value, is directly related to experience (Vidulich et al., 2010). A significant amount of research exists showing the influence of experience on decision making.
Gibb, Gray, and Scharff describe how an aircrew with more experience is able to create a model of likely scenarios and potential outcomes with minimal impact on cognitive load through developing mental schemas (2010). Probing even further into naturalistic decision making is the notion of recognition primed decision (shown in Figure 1) which provides a model for near automatic recognition and action without the requirement of thorough analysis (Klein, 2008). The issue arises when such a vast amount of information is presented to aircrews via multifunction displays and various automation that creates a cognitive overload for the crew.

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