Essay on Models of Corrections

Essay on Models of Corrections

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This essay provides answers to the following prompts:

1. What is the community model of corrections?
2. What is the crime control model of corrections?
3. What are the differences between prisons and jails?
4. What is your opinion about the constitutional rights of prisoners?

1. What is the community model of corrections?

This model of corrections main purpose was to reintroducing the offenders in to the community. This Program was invented to help offenders in the transition from jail to the community, aid in the processes of finding jobs and stay connected to their families and the community. The needs of these individuals are difficult: the frequency of substance abuse, mental illness, unemployment, and homelessness is elevated among the jail population.
This model of corrections was designed to help the inmate reach a level where they can be reintegrated in to the community, therefore taking these individuals to a stage where they are able to be rehabilitated.
To support reintegration, correctional workers are to serve as advocates for offenders in dealing with government agencies assisting with employment counseling services, medical treatment, and financial assistance. They argued that corrections focal point should be increasing opportunities for the offenders, to become law abiding citizens and on providing psychological treatment. This model of corrections advocates avoiding imprisonment if possible for the offender and also in favor of probation, therefore offenders can obtain an education and vocational training that would help their adjustment in the community. In the community model corrections advocated for inmates incarcerated to spend very limited time in prison before been granted parole.

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... close family member will be devastating to me. There are individuals that regardless of the time spend in jail will not be rehabilitated, and are more than likely to reoffend when release from prison. To my believe once a person takes someone life’s or rapes and kill a person, the offender has taken away the victims’ rights and the state or federal government should do the same to the offender.
I’m pro for death penalty because I believe that people who go out and are ready to take someone’s live, at that moment they are forfeiting their own right to live. I believe that the death penalty should be used only when the crime is very violent and heinous, but I believe that no individual should go out certain that regardless of how cruel, vicious, or hideous the murder is, they themselves will not suffer the death penalty knowing that their rights will be protected.

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