Modeling Smart Cities: Annotated Bibliography Essay example

Modeling Smart Cities: Annotated Bibliography Essay example

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Modeling Smart Cities: An Annotated Bibliography
1. Cosgrave, E., Arbuthnot, K., & Tryfonas, T. (2013). Living labs, innovation districts and information marketplaces: A systems approach for smart cities. Procedia Computer Science, 16, 668-677. doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2013.01.070
The strength of any analysis lies in garnering a profound understanding of the phenomena under review. Using the principles of systems thinking the authors – three researchers from Bristol University, U.K. - first set about on the task of improving their understanding of a highly complex proposition such as a smart city. They did not become starry-eyed by the glamour of current technology offerings. Instead, they went about the painstaking task by developing a value-chain of a smart city, and checking for linkages between activities and viable opportunities for further research and development.
By leveraging synergies from their key concepts of “Living Labs” and “Innovation Districts” they are planning to use a case study methodology to further explore and exploit credible data-driven research. This article provides an excellent introduction to the holistic development of a smart city. In addition, it laso supports my systems view of city development. Therefore, it serves as a valuable resource for city leaders with the responsibility for translating development policies into practical solutions.
2. Difallah, D. E., Cudre-Mauroux, P., & Mckenna, S. A. (2013). Scalable Anomaly Detection for Smart City Infrastructure Networks. IEEE Internet Computing, 17(6), 39 - 47. doi: 10.1109/MIC.2013.84
The authors – a PhD candidate and a professor from a Swiss University; and a senior IBM researcher - tackled the complex problem of analyzing and monitori...

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... work for Worldsensing – a company specializing in wireless network solutions. Finance is the lifeblood of any business and by extension any city. The authors proposed an organic growth mechanism for smart city development.
The authors are also aware of the myriad of problems related to rapid urbanization. Therefore, they propose a phased implementation approach without the establishment of a concrete foundation on how this model can satisfy feasibility (politically, legislatively, economically, ecologically, socially, physically and technologically) requirements. Finally, their conclusion that public sector sponsorship will secure the model’s viability detracts from their theme of self-sufficiency. The article is geared towards urban planners and sophisticated users with advanced training in Information, Computing and Telecommunications (ICT) technologies.

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