The Model System Incorporated A Multi Disciplinary Team Of Police Officers

The Model System Incorporated A Multi Disciplinary Team Of Police Officers

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The Duluth Model System incorporated a multi-disciplinary team of police officers, probation officers, prosecutors, and human services that undertook domestic abuse cases. It also put the responsibility on helping professionals such as social workers, psychologists, and doctors. Their job was to not only advocate for victims of abuse, but to respond to victims in a loving and non-biased manner. The primary objective to having a complete community response was to prevent victims from further abuse (Shephard & Pence, 1999). Moreover, judges were advised to prosecute victims more fairly by looking at their cases with a holistic approach.
According to the prosecuting domestic abuse cases in Duluth article, an essential component that must be considered by the criminal justice system is “how the use of violence affects the distribution of power in abusive relationships. For effective prosecution the judge or jury must understand how the abuser is able to use power, gradually established through use of violence and intimidation, to coerce his victim to shield him from police and court intervention. Unless… individuals involved with the rehabilitation of batterers understand the power differential between the abuser and the victim, intervention strategies will fail” (Asmus., Ritmeester, Tineke, Pence, 1991-1992, p 122).
In the 1970’s, several communities opened some of the first women’s shelters in the country. These shelters encouraged women who were being abused by their partners to seek protection. Fortuitously, their greatest supporters were the feminist groups. Ellen Pence was one of these supporters. She was able to promote domestic violence issues through campaigns and advertisements. These campaigns and advertisements enhance...

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...n options for women. These options included; hearings, order for protections, shelter services, legal assistance, the visitation center, and revocation of probation or review of protection orders.
Women could also enroll in neighborhood-based programs such as the Women’s Action Group and the Women’s Talking Circle, which identified the correlation between poverty and violence amongst women and children. Simultaneously, by identifying the relationship between poverty and violence, the institute could perpetuate change in domestic violence issues (Pence & Paymar, 1993). The Duluth Model System sparked a trickling down effect when it brought a community response to domestic violence, which then in turn created many wonderful educational programs for victims and perpetrators. These two epic responses to domestic violence forced society to change its laws and policies.

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