Mobile Security Catching Up : Revealing The Nuts And Bolts Of The Security Of Mobile Devices

Mobile Security Catching Up : Revealing The Nuts And Bolts Of The Security Of Mobile Devices

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Mobile Security Catching Up?
Revealing the Nuts and Bolts of the Security of Mobile Devices
The paper tells about growing importance of mobile security and explains differences between mobile and normal security. The paper provides
a brief overview of mobile network security and mobile threats. The author stated that, beginning the use of smart phones have become so powerful and
affected security system which in turn led to increased importance on mobile security. Mobile phones have become an interesting target for attackers
which might simply be the case that mobile operating systems are sufficiently secure today. The factors such as desktop insecurity, attack scenarios,
the claims of mobile insecurity might have triggered the importance for mobile security.

Importance Of Mobile Security:
Firstly, the author poses a question that, “In what sense is the security of mobile devices different from common security?” Then,
by considering the facts author argues that there are specifics related to mobile device security that justify the difference between mobile security
compared to ordinary computer security. They are:
a) Creation of costs includes : Billed events, Payment systems
b) Network Environment includes : Strong connection, Firmware update process, Remote Device Management
c) Limited Device Resources includes: resource limitations, Battery
d) Double expensive wireless link includes : Expensive computation costs, High monetary communication costs
e) Reputation

Categories O...

... middle of paper ... users to prove their identity using something they know–like a password–and
something they have–like a fingerprint.” Until then, IT organizations should require users to use native device-level authentication (PIN, password).
 Remote wipe:
Authentication and encryption both help prevent data loss in the case of mobile device theft or loss, but physical security can be further fortified with remote
wipe and “phone home” capabilities. Native remote lock, find and wipe capabilities can be used to either recover a lost mobile device or permanently delete the
data on them.

As stated in the paper, smartphones usage are rapidly growing and closing the gap to ordinary computers in terms of processing power, display size, and versatility
of operating systems. So, the importance of mobile security is imminent.

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