Mobile Phones Vs. Smart Phones Essay examples

Mobile Phones Vs. Smart Phones Essay examples

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Clarisa Arrambide
Carissa Hayden
Engl. 1302
20 October 2014
Students vs. Smart phones
Should students be allowed to have smart phones in school? We all know that mobile technology has come a long way, compared to years ago, where the only thing phones could do was make a simple phone call and back then, which was the most amazing experience for people to be able to speak to someone through a mobile device. With technology now in the 21st century, cell phones have turned into smart phones, which are basically miniature, portable computers in the grasp of your palm. Increase of technology is never a negative thing in today’s world; it has created many opportunities and is continuing to grow more and more each day. Technology has created the ability to master the creation of smart phones. But should students be allowed to have smart phones in schools? This issue has been the center of debates across many school districts all over the country.
The smart phones in today’s world can be used in adversely any way imaginable and it is continuing to get bigger and better. The features that smart phones bring to the palm of your hand were not even imaginable years ago. Smart phones are equipped with the ability to surf the web, listen to music, download a variety of things, play games, video talk face to face, send picture and text messages, and of course making phone calls. Smart phones can even transform into a mobile banking system with an easy way to deposit and transfer funds from just about anywhere. For students outside of school, these features can be used as an educational tool for a learning experience by being able to stay connected with the current events happening across the world and even in their geographical area as well. ...

... middle of paper ... phones pose more of a distraction. The features that smart phones have to offer could cause interference with the ability to concentrate and learn, and a huge distraction for students; however, they are not a problem outside of schools. Having the students be allowed to have smart phones at school creates a big risk of cheating among other students. Also, having smart phones creates an issue of stolen property; multiple devices are reported stolen every day. Students should not be allowed to have smart phones in school. If students were allowed to bring mobile devices to school, the devices would need to be turned off completely. Another option would be to have parental control of the devices, which could allow students to have their smart phones on, but otherwise, the settings on the device would be limited for making phone call only, in case of an emergency.

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